UCLA Center for Korean Studies film screening (2/23/17)

Published: February 13, 2017Tags: , ,

Filmed in Japan, South Korea, and North Korea, this documentary follows a group of Zainichi Korean (ethnic Koreans living in Japan) high school students on their trip to North Korea. The third and fourthgeneration Koreans born and raised in Japan, these students attend one of Japan’s 60 Korean schools (Chōsen Gakkō). They, like many others in their community, identify the North as their homeland, despite having grown up in Japan and tracing their ancestry to the South, and face a long history of ethnic discrimination and persecution. Director Park, who grew up attending Korean schools in Japan, gives us a rare opportunity to learn about the teenagers’ dreams and hopes, their first-ever experience of meeting with people of their “homeland”– heartwarming, humorous and poignant.

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