Lei Qin

A photo of Lei Qin
E-mail: Qinl03@ucla.edu

Dr. Lei Qin received Ph. D in Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis in summer 2017. Before coming to UCLA, she was Research Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Asian Studies at the National University College Cork, Ireland. She specializes in culture and history of modern China, with particular focus on left wing cultural politics and international communism. She has secondary national focus of Weimar Germany. She is currently revising her dissertation for monograph publication. The project follows the China-related propagandistic activities initiated by the red propaganda magnate Willi Münzenberg, and examines the exemplification process of the Chinese revolution in the international Communist camp through his publishing empire in 1920s and 1930s. Dr. Lei Qin has taught a wide range of courses, which include modern Chinese literature, Chinese cinema, Chinese civilization, contemporary Chinese society, history of twentieth century China and so on. In ALC, she teaches modern Chinese literature and culture, and Chinese cinema.