Vietnamese Exam

Placement test results are in. Please click here for your results.

Note: After the exam, your placement results will be posted on this website. If you need a language waiver, please see our website for more information: (

1.) If you are placed into a Winter language course and need to be enrolled, send the following information to ALC’s undergraduate counselor Fatin Zubi,

  1. NAME
  2. UID
  3. Year/Major (or ALC minor)
  4. Course Name and Discussion ID# you wish to enroll in (give me your top 2 sections in order of your preference)
  5. Your results from your Winter placement exam (what level you were placed into)
  6. Do not send language waiver requests. Those will be sent automatically.

Please note that language courses are priority so if any of your other courses conflict with your language course, it’s recommended that you drop the other course.

2.) Be sure to attend your language level until you receive confirmation that you have been enrolled into the course.

Spaces are limited and students will be enrolled on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to contact the Professor of the course as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs.