Japanese Exam

Registration is now available!


The Fall Japanese placement exam will be held on Monday, September 23rd, 2019.

*Students must have their UCLA Multi-Factor Authentication active and accessible for the Japanese Placement exam. How to activate Multi-Factor Authentication: https://humtech.ucla.edu/computing-support/multi-factor-authentication-opt/

Registration for the exam will close on Monday, September 23rd at 8:00am. 

If you have a prior experience of learning Japanese at high school, a community college, a four year college, an on-line course, or through self-study (more than three months), you must take the PLACEMENT TEST in order to enroll in our Japanese language courses.  If you don’t have such an experience, you can enroll in Japanese 1 (or Japanese 8 during the summer) without taking the test.

The PLACEMENT TEST will determine the appropriate level from which you should begin your study in our Japanese language program. We strongly recommend that you take the placement exam even if you have an officially recognized transfer credit that allows you to start from a certain level. We also strongly recommend that you start from the level suggested by the test regardless of the number of years you studied Japanese.

The PLACEMENT TEST consists of several parts and levels. The total time required for finishing the test depends on your proficiency level. It usually takes from 45 to 90 minutes. In addition, some of you may be required to take the oral interview (10-15 minutes) after the main test. Prepare to spend half a day to complete the test.

If you are a student in the College of Letters and Science and attended a high school for 2 or more years in which the primary language of instruction was Japanese, you may request to waive the College’s foreign language requirement by providing an official high school transcript to your College advising unit. Please note the College will determine whether you qualify for an exception; ALC will not issue a waiver for these students. However, if you are an ALC major (Japanese, Asian Humanities, or Asian Languages and Linguistics), please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Nancy Mendoza at nancym@humnet.ucla.edu.

Who is not allowed to take the placement test?

  • Students who took a Japanese course at UCLA in the past (you must continue with the sequence in the program). You are not allowed to use the PLACEMENT TEST to skip a level.
  • Students who already took the Japanese language placement test at UCLA within one year (for example, you cannot take the winter placement test if you took the fall placement test during the same academic year)
  • However, EAP returnees are allowed to take the PLACEMEN TEST upon their return to UCLA