Shu-mei Shih

Professor Shu-mei Shih has a split appointment in the Department of Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies.  She currently co-directs the “Cultures in Transnational Perspective”  Mellon Postdoctoral Program in the Humanities. (



  • Sinophone Studies: A Critical Reader (co-editor with Chien-hsin Tsai and Brian Bernards).  Columbia University Pres, forthcoming.

Editor of Special Issues of Scholarly Journals:

  • Editor with an Introduction, special issue entitled “Comparative Racialization,” PMLA 123:5 (November 2008). (430pp.)
  • Editor, special issue entitled “Minor Transnationalism” featuring selected translations from the book Minor Transnationalism (above) into Mandarin with a new introduction, Chung Wai Literary Monthly 36: 2 (June 2007), 13-120.
  • Co-Editor with Ying-ying Chien and with an Introduction, “Third World/Transnational Feminist Practice,” special issue of Chung Wai Literary Monthly, 33: 2 (July 2004).
  • Editor with an Introduction, “Globalization: Taiwan’s (In)significance,” special issue of Postcolonial Studies 6: 2 (July 2003).

Selected Articles:

  • “The Concept of the Sinophone” PMLA (May 2011).
  • “Translating Feminism: Taiwan, Spivak, A-Wu,” lectora: revista de dones I textualitat 16 (Fall, 2010), 35-57.  (Translated into Spanish)
  • “Against Diaspora: The Sinophone as Places of Cultural Production,” appearing in:1) Globalizing Modern Chinese Literature: A Critical Reader on Sinophone and Diasporic Writings.  Eds. Jing Tsu and David Wang.  London: Brill, 2010, 29-48.
    2) Transforming Diaspora.  Eds. Robin Field and Parmita Kapadia.  Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2011.  (lead article)
    3) Sinophone Studies: A Critical Reader.  Eds. Shu-mei Shih, Chien-hsin Tsai and Brian Bernards.  New York: Columbia University Press, forthcoming.
  • “Racializing Area Studies, Defetishizing China,” for special issue “Area and Civilizational Difference: Biopolitics, Geopolitics, History,” in positions: east asia cultures critique, forthcoming.
  • “Is the Post in Postsocialism the Post in Posthumanism?,” special issue on “China and the Human,” Social Text (Winter 2012), forthcoming.
  • “Theory, Asia, and the Sinophone,” Postcolonial Studies 13:4 (Fall 2010) 465-484.
  • “Comparative Racialization: An Introduction,” PMLA 123:5 (October 2008), 1347-1362.
  • “Hong Kong Literature as Sinophone Literature,” Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese. Vols. 8.2-9.1 (2008), 12-18.  (lead essay)
  • “Global Literature and the Technologies of Recognition,” PMLA 119: 1 (January 2004), 16-30.  (lead essay).  “Reply” to the forum on my essay, PMLA 119: 3 (May 2004), 555-556. (Translated into Mandarin in China and Taiwan)
  • “Globalization and the (In)significance of Taiwan,” Postcolonial Studies 6:2 (Summer 2003), 1-12.
  • “Towards an Ethics of Transnational Encounter, or ‘When’ Does a ‘Chinese’ Woman Become a ‘Feminist’?” differences: a journal of feminist cultural studies 13:2 (Summer 2002), 90-126. (Translated into Mandarin, Turkish, and Spanish)
  • “Globalization and Minoritization: Ang Lee and the Politics of Flexibility,” New  Formations: A Journal of Culture/Theory/Politics, 40 (Spring 2000), 86-101. (Translated into Japanese)
A photo of Shu-mei Shih