Ph.D. Recipients

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Ha, Kyoungmi, “The Social Actions Conveyed by the Sentence-ending Suffixes –Ney, –Ci, and –Kwuna in Korean Conversation”

Jeong, Seunggon, “The pragmatic Use of Interrogative Enders in Korean Conversation”

Konstantinovskaia, Natalia, “Real and Imagined Women’s Voices: Media, Self-Perceptions, and Everyday Language Practices”

Lee, Don, “Epistemic Congruence as Motivation for Grammar Use: A study of the Final Suffix kel in Korean Conversation”

Lee, Heeju, “Acquisition of Second Language Prosody and the Role of Prosody in Discourse: A Study of English Speakers’ Korean and Korean Speakers’ English”

Nicoll-Johnson, Evan, “Fringes and Seams: Boundaries of Erudition in Early Medieval China”

Stock, Thomas, “From Soviet Origins to Chuch’e: Marxism-Leninism in the History of North Korean Ideology, 1945-1989″

Su, Danjie, “A Discourse Approach to the Functions of Major Chinese Grammatical Constructions and Their Alternations in Conversation”

Wang, Wei, “Prosody and Functions of Discourse Markers in Mandarin Chinese Conversation”

Xing, Guo (Yu-Chen Tsui), “The Poetic Practices of Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157): Gong’an
Commentarial Verses on Old Cases and Verses for Lay Literati”

Zhang, Yunshuang, “Porous Privacy: The Literati Studio and Spatiality in Song China”


Cha, Jihyeon, “Interplay of Prosodic Features and Discourse Functions in Korean Conversation”

Ishida, Mari, “Imperial Literature: Language, Bodies, And others in the Japanese Empire”

Lauer, Matthew, “Two Years of Encounters in Namwŏn, 1736-1737: Conflict Negotiation and the Configurations of Chosŏn Village Society”

Tran, Tommy, “Axis Mundi: the City and Geographies of Identity in Cheju Island”


Cavicchi, Andrea Kim, “Power, Resistance, And Subjectivity: An Exploration of Overseas Korean Adoptees in Korea”

Dewitt, Lindsey Elizabeth, “A Mountain Set Apart: Female Exclusion, Buddhism, And Tradition at
Modern Ominesan, Japan”

Eisenman Lujing, “Fairy Tales For Adults: Imagination, Literary Autonomy, And Modern Chinese Martial Arts Fiction, 1895-1945”

Iwasaki, Clara Chiyoko, “Towards An Itinerant Sinophone: Transnational Literary Collaboration In The Writings Of Xiao Hong, Zhang Ailing, And Lao She”

Kim, Hieyoon, “Archives Of Ephemera: Cinema And Decolonization In South Korea”

Lim, Hannah Saeyoung, “The Troubled Category Of Rural Bachelors In Contemporary South Korea Ma”

Weber, Elizabeth Evans, “Vocabularies Of Violence: The Chinese Coolie Trade And The Constitutive Power Of Its Conceptual Vocabularies, 1847-1907”


Carter, Caleb (Buddhism), “Place, Tradition and the Gods:  Mt. Togakushi, Thirteenth through
Mid-Nineteenth Centuries”

Kim, Elli Sua (Korea), “Rituals of Decolonization: The Role of Inner-Migrant Intellectuals in North Korea, 1948-1967”

Lee, Dennis (Korea), “Keyhole-Shaped Tombs And Unspoken Frontiers: Exploring The Borderlands Of Early Korean-Japanese Relations In The 5th – 6th Centuries”

Lee, Sinwoo (Korea), “Contesting Seoul: Contacts, Conflicts, and Contestations Surrounding Seoul’s City Walls, 1876-1919”

Lee, Sumi (Buddhism), “Toward a New Paradigm of East Asian Yogacara Buddhism: Taehyon (ca. 8th century CE), a Korean Yogacara monk, and His Predecessors”

McCombs, Jason Matthew (Buddhism), “Mahâyâna and the Gift: Theories and Practices”


Bass, Jeffrey (Buddhism), “Meditation In An Indian Buddhist Monastic Code”

Brenish, Shana (East Asian Linguistics), “Indirect Complaints In Japanese And English”

Kim, Youme (Korea), “The Life And Works Of Yi Ok”

Kishino, Ryoji (Buddhism), “A Study Of The Nidana: An Underrated Canonical Text Of The Mulasarvastivada-Vinaya”

Lee, Janet (Korea), “Reinterpreting “Lovesickness” In Late Chosǒn Literature”

Lee, Seung-Ah (Korea), “Conception Of The Hero In Korean Popular Fiction Of Late Choson Period”

Na Kim, Hanmee (Korea), “The Meanings Of America In Modern Korea: A Study Of Korean Diplomatic, Cultural, And Intellectual Engagements With America, 1852-1945”

Song, Yeun-Jee (Korea), “Historicizing The Discourse On Pro-Japanese Collaborators In Contemporary Korean History From The Late 1970s To The Late 2000s”

Stiller, Maya Kerstin Hyun (Buddhism), “Kumgangsan: Regional Practice And Religious Pluralism In Pre-Modern Korea”

Wu, Haiping (East Asian Linguistics), “Repetitive Reportings In Spontaneous Mandarin Conversation”


Goddard, Timothy (Japan), “Teito Tokyo: Empire, Modernity, And The Metropolitan Imagination”

Hull, David (China), “Narrative In Mao Dun’s Eclipse Trilogy: A Conflicted Mao Dun”

Kaneyasu, Michiko (East Asian Linguistics), “From Frequency To Formulaicity: Morphemic Bundles And Semi-Fixed Constructions In Japanese Spoken Discourse”

Kim, Sangbok (East Asian Linguistics), “Interaction, Grammar, And Stance In Reported Speech”

Kim, Seong-Uk (Buddhism), “Korean Son Buddhism In The 19th Century: Paekp’a, Ch’oui And Buddhist-Confucian Interaction At The End Of The Choson Dynasty”

Li, Guangyi (China), “Peace Under Heaven: The (Re)Making Of An Ideal World Order In Chinese Utopianism (1902-1911)”

Zhang, Hanmo (China), “Models Of Authorship And Text-Making In Early China”

Kim, Jane (Korea), “Leprosy In Korea: A Global History”

Ho, Felicia (China), “Full Spectrum Of Selves In Modern Chinese Literature: From Lu Xun To Xiao Hong”

Day, Noriko (Japan), “The Outside Within: Literature Of Colonial Hokkaido”


Ju, Hee (East Asian Linguistics), “Co-Construction In Korean Interaction”

Kahm, Howard (Korea), “Colonial Finance: Daiichi Bank And The Bank Of Chosen In Late Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Century Korea, Japan, And Manchuria”

Kim, Hyung-Wook (Korea), “An Ancient And Glorious Past: Koguryo In The Collective Memories Of The Korean People”

Kokas, Aynne (China), “Shot In Shanghai: Sino-U.S. Media Co-Production In The Post-WTO Era”

Prado-Fonts, Carlos (China), “In Alien Nation: Returned Writers In Modern China”

Prichard, Franz K (Japan), “Ruined Maps: The Urban Revolution In Japanese Fiction, Documentary, And Photography Of The 1960s And 1970s”


Bernards, Brian (China), “Writing The South Seas: Postcolonialism And The Nanyang Literary Imagination”

Cha, Sung (Korea), “Contesting Obligations: American Missionaries, Korean Christians, And The State(s), 1884-1919”

Ho, Chi Chen (Buddhism), “The Suramgama Dharani In Sinitic Buddhist Context: From The Tang Dynasty Through The Contemporary Period”

Isaacson, Nathaniel (China), “Colonial Modernities And Chinese Science Fiction”

Kim, Ji-Eun (East Asian Linguistics), “Other-Initiated Repair Practices In Korean Native-Nonnative Interaction”

Koh, Seunghak (China), “Li Tongxuan’S (635-730) Thought And His Place In The Huayan Tradition Of Chinese Buddhism”

Lee, Jee Won (East Asian Linguistics), “Repetition Of Personal Pronominal Forms In Mandarin And Construction Of Stance In Interaction”

Muldoon-Hules, Karen (Buddhism), “Brides Of The Buddha And Other Stories: Reading The Women’s Stories Of The 8th Varga Of The Avadanasataka In Context”

Nam, Paul S (Korea), “The Roots Of Labor: An Investigation And Analysis Of Korean Tenant Farmers In The Colonial Period”

Nathan, Mark (Buddhism), “Buddhist Propagation And Modernization: The Significance Of P’ogyo In Twentieth-Century Korean Buddhism”

Riggs, Diane (Buddhism), “The Cultural And Religious Significance Of Japanese Buddhist Vestments”

Horton Wing, Sherin (Buddhism), “Re-Gendering Buddhism: Postcolonialism, Gender, And The Princess Miaoshan Legend”


Day, Steven (China), “Heroes Without A Battlefield: Nationalism, Identity, And The Aesthetics Of Dissolution In Chinese Wartime Literature, 1937-1949”

Endo, Tomoko (East Asian Linguistics), “Expressing Stance In Mandarin Conversation: Epistemic And Non-Epistemic Uses Of Wo Juede”

Johnson, Jennifer (China), “Creating Gender In The Interregnum: Women’s Literature And Social Change In Twentieth Century China”

Koike, Chisato (Japan), “Interaction In Storytelling In Japanese Conversations: An Analysis Of Story Recipients’ Questions”

Taylor, Yuki (East Asian Linguistics), “Functions Of Japanese Exemplifying Particles In Spoken And Written Discourse”

Son, Hijoo (Korea), “Casting Diaspora: Cultural Production And Korean Identity Construction”


Kim, Sonja (Korea), “Contesting Bodies: Managing Population, Birthing, And Medicine In Korea, 1876-1945”

Mori, Makiko (China), “Toward A Literature Of The Nation: China’s New Intellectual And Literary Discourses On The People From The 1890s Through The 1920s”

Yuh, Leighanne (Korea), “Education, The Struggle For Power, And Identity Formation In Korea, 1876-1910”

Wang, Chaohua (China), “Cai Yuanpei And The Origins Of The May Fourth Movement: Modern Chinese Intellectual Transformations, 1890-1920”


Chiu, Suet (China), “Cultural Hybridity In Manchu Bannermen Tales (Zidishu)”

Haga, Koichi (Japan), “The Critique Of The Virtual: Shifting Discursive Space In Japanese Literature, 1960s–1980s”

Kwon, Nayoung (Korea), “Translated Encounters And Empire: Colonial Korea And The Literature Of Exile”

Ming, Tao (China), “The Acquisition Of Temporal Marking: A Birectional Study”

Xu, Stella (Korea), “That Glorious Ancient History Of Our Nation: The Contested Re-Readings Of “Korea” In Early Chinese Historical Records And Their Legacy On The Formation Of Korean-ness”

Son, Min (Korea), “Electrifying Seoul And The Culture Of Technology In Nineteenth Century Korea”

Lee, Jeong-Il (Korea), “Universality, Civilization And Politics In Late Choson Korea: 1600-1800”

Choi, Jane (East Asian Linguistics), “A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis Of Korean Discourse Markers: An Analysis Of Spoken And Written Use”


Hanscom, Christopher (Korea), “A Question Of Representation: Korean Modernist Fiction Of The 1930s”

Peters, Li (China), “Translation, Popular Imagination And The Novelistic Reconfiguration Of Literary Discourse, China, 1890s-1920s”

Ryu, Youngju (Korea), “The Neighbor And Politics Of Literature In 1970s’ South Korea: Yi Mungu, Hwang Sogyong, Cho Shehui”

Kim, Minkyu (Korea), “Revolution And The Transmutation Of The East Asian Interstate System: The Meiji Restoration, The Kapsin Coup, And The Regulation System”

Cullen, Jennifer (Japan), “Representations Of Virginity In Modern Japanese Literature”

Kim, Soojeong (East Asian Linguistics), “Interaction And Epistemic Modality: The Korean Suffix -Ci In Conversational Contexts”

Rosenthal, Benjamin (East Asian Linguistics), “A New Approach To Japanese-Te-I-: A Unified Analysis Based On Spoken Data”


Burdelski, Matthew (East Asian Linguistics), “Language Socialization Of Two-Year Old Children In Kansai, Japan: The Family And Beyond”

Chu, William (Buddhism), “A Buddha-Shaped Hole: Yinshun’s (1906-2005) Critical Buddhology And The Theological Crisis In Modern Chinese Buddhism”

Clarke, Shayne (Buddhism), “Family Matters In Indian Monastic Buddhism”

Kim, Mary (East Asian Linguistics), “Evidential Strategies In Korean Conversation: An Analysis Of Interactional And Conversational Narrative Functions”

Jung-Kim, Jennifer (Korea), “Gender And Modernity In Colonial Korea”


Flores, Linda (Japan), “Writing The Body: Maternal Subjectivity In The Works Of Hirabayashi Taiko, Enchi Fumiko, And Oba Minako”

Stuckey, George (China), “Memory—Tradition—History: Ties To The Past In Modern Chinese Fiction”

Wu, Shengqing (China), “Classical Lyric Modernities: Poetics, Gender, And Politics In Modern China (1900-1937)”

Okada, Judy (East Asian Linguistics), “Morpheme Reduplication In Japanese: A Grammaticalization Perspective On Causative, Potential, And Passive Constructions”


Cheng, Eileen (China), “Engendering The Modern: Configurations Of Femininity In Chinese Literary Culture, Late Qing 1940s”

Kim, Minju (East Asian Linguistics), “Discourse, Frequency, And The Emergence Of Grammar: A Corpus-Based Study Of The Grammaticalization Of The Korean Existential Verb Is(I)-Ta”

Shibuya, Rinko (East Asian Linguistics), “A Synchronic And Diachronic Study On Sex Exclusive Differences In The Modern Japanese Language”

Sugi, Hidemi (East Asian Linguistics), “Synchronic And Diachronic Studies On The Japanese Inferential System: Daroo, Mitai, Rashii, Soo, And Yooda”

Kawanishi, Yumiko (East Asian Linguistics), “Another Look At Organizational Principles In Written Japanese: A Study Of Cognitive And Discourse Perspective On Newspaper Columns”


Riggs, David (Japan), “The Rekindling Of A Tradition: Menzan Zuiho And The Reform Of Japanese Soto Zen In The Tokugawa Era”

Winston, Leslie (Japan), “The Female Subject In Mejii Literature”


Hughes, Theodore (Korea), “Writing The Boundaries Of A Divided Nation: The Works Of Son Ch’ang-Sop, Ch’oe In-Hun, Nam Chong-Hyon And Lee Ho-Chul”

Riep, Steven (China), “Writing In The Past: Rereading, Recovering, And Rethinking History In Contemporary Literature From Taiwan”

Ziegler, Harumi (Buddhism), “The Sinification Of Buddhism As Found In An Early Chinese Indigenous Sutra A Study And Translation Of The Fo-Shuo Ching-Tu San-Mei Ching (The

Samadhi-Sutra On Liberation Through Purification Spoken By The Buddha)”


Baskett, Michael (Japan), “The Attractive Empire: Colonial Asia In Japanese Imperial Film Culture, 1931-1953”

Benn, James (Buddhism), “Burning For The Buddha: A History Of Self-Immolation In Chinese Buddhism”

Keyworth, George (Buddhism), “Transmitting The Lamp Of Learning In Classical Chan Buddhism: Juefan Huihong (1070-1128) And Literary Chan”

Mcbride, Richard (Buddhism), “Buddhist Cults In Silla Korea And Their Northeast Asian Context”

Poceski, Mario (Buddhism), “The Hongzhou School Of Chan Buddhism During The Mid-Tang Period”

Ezaki, Motoko (East Asian Linguistics), “Stativization Of Verb Semantics In Modern Japanese: A Pragmatic Approach”

Choi, Ann (Korea), “Overcoming The Purity Of Purpose: Korean Poetry Of The 1920s”