MA in Teaching Asian Languages

*New* MA Program in Teaching Asian Languages: General Information for 2021-2022 Academic Year

With Asian languages rapidly gaining global importance, there is a strong demand for competency in these languages and the required professional training. We are pleased to announce the start of a Master’s Degree Program in Teaching Asian Languages. The new M.A. program will offer diverse courses on the socio-cultural and linguistic foundation of Asian languages, best practices for teaching, learning, and using Asian languages, heritage and second language acquisition articulation of K-16 standards, assessment methods, and emerging trends in technology and Asian language teaching.

Entering M.A. students are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline closely related to the proposed area of graduate study at UCLA, including a minimum of three years of modern Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Applicants whose first language and language of instruction is not English also need to meet English language requirements.

The program covers selective fields of Teaching Asian Languages. These fields include Teaching Chinese, Teaching Korean, and Teaching Japanese.