Study Abroad

ALC students often study abroad and use their credits toward their majors and/or minors. Study Abroad programs are offered in a variety of Asian countries including, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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From Our Students

“I think that studying abroad in Japan has been one of the most fulfilling choices that I have made in my life thus far. Having studied Japanese for quite some time, but not being completely fluent in the language, I was able to challenge myself without feeling completely fluent or lost in a foreign society. Studying abroad has allowed me to grow in more ways than one and I have been able to learn and see things from a different perspective. Japan maybe be small in size, but there is so much you can do and learn, and the best part is you can experience it with new friends and people!”

-Justin Wu

“I studied abroad in Singapore during Spring 2012 at National University of Singapore. Singapore is an ideal place to go abroad as it offers top-notch education and is a hub to Southeast Asia. During my semester there, I got to learn about how Singapore has risen as a cosmopolitan city-country in few decades, experience the modern architecture and green technology, and even travel to many neighboring countries at an affordable price. Studying abroad leads knowledge to understanding as you observe and immerse in a new culture. It is a privilege; if you get the opportunity, go for it!”

-Ellie Park

“I had the opportunity to study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong in Spring 2012. I got to meet a bunch of locals and people from all over the world, many of whom are my good friends today. Because Hong Kong is centrally located in Asia, I was also able to backpack through 9 other Asian countries, hopping from country to country. I saw tons of culture. I suffered through my fair share of painful mistakes. But through it all, I truly had the time of my life. So much so, I’ve decided to spend a good decade of my adult career working in Hong Kong.  Study abroad! Experience new cultures, broaden your horizons, and have the best semester of your college career. The memories I made and the lessons I learned in those 6 months will stay with me forever.”

-Paul Ogawa

Thinking about studying abroad?

UCLA International Education Office places students with university partners worldwide. Students must transfer the credit back to UCLA—up to 24 upper division units offered through study abroad may be applied toward an ALC major. Once you have chosen a program, work with the ALC counselor to determine what courses may be applied to your major. Deadlines to apply are usually between six and nine months before the start of a program.

International Education Office offers various study abroad programs including UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), UCLA Travel Study, UCLA Exchange, and Non-UC programs. If you have questions about specific programs and deadlines please contact IEO.

Returning from studying abroad?

Petitioning for ALC major/minor credit

After you return from study abroad, please follow the steps outlined below to petition for major and minor credit.

  1. If you are an ALC major or minor, and have already contacted the ALC undergraduate advisor, wait until your EAP/study abroad coursework and grades show up on your DPR. You can find your study abroad credit underneath the Advance Credit Standing section on your DARS.
  2. Prior to contacting the ALC undergraduate advisor, review and fill out the ALC Study Abroad petition and gather your syllabi, course description, and coursework.
  3. Email the ALC undergraduate advisor to review your petition, please make sure to follow the directions on the petition. Incomplete submissions and multiple files will not be accepted.

Petitioning for Language credit for non-ALC students

If you are a non-ALC student who wishes to receive language credit from your study abroad program for your major, minor, or university requirement, please follow the steps below.

  1. Take an ALC language placement exam after you return.
  2. After the results come out, meet with your major, minor or college counselor to petition for credit.

Downloads: ALC Study Abroad Petition