Asako Iida

A photo of Asako Iida

Asako Iida was born in Tokyo, graduated from Tokyo Woman’s Christian University in 1992. She completed her master’s program at Graduate School of Letters, Keio University. In 1999, she studied Japanese linguistics at Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo. The title of her Ph.D. thesis was “A Descriptive Study of Japanese Major Classifiers” (1999).

She specifies in Japanese numeratives, or classifiers, and has published a dictionary titled “Kazoekata-no-Jiten” in 2004, which sold more than 110,000 copies. She also have several publications on cognitive semantics, and also was an active member of “Tokyo Sky Tree” Name Review Committee.

Currently, Asako Iida is a professor of Chuo University in Tokyo, teaching linguistics and business communication in the Faculty of Commerce. She also holds seminars on applying linguistics in business, such as how to write attractive tag lines and how to name products.