Hongyan Liu

A photo of Hongyan Liu

Dr. LIU Hongyan is a Professor in Linguistics with the School of Foreign Languages, Beijing Technology and Business University. She received her Ph.D. of Linguistics at Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2006. She was granted British Academy Visiting Fellowship in 2010 and carried out her post doctorate research at the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, working with British Academy Fellow, Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Leech. She was also the visiting scholar at Aston University, U.K. (2003-2004) and Flinders University, Australia (2008-2009). Her research focuses on discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, interpreting learners’ corpus-based study and discourse study on Alzheimer’s patients and normal aging speakers. She is the principal investigator of six national-level and provincial-level corpus research projects. She is currently a visiting research scholar at the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA under the guidance of Prof. TAO Hongyin, working on the comparative study on the spontaneous discourse between Chinese-speaking and English-speaking Alzheimer’s patients. She published several academic books and textbooks, including Introduction to Language Study, International Legal and Business English, Discourse Analysis (co-author), World Heritage in China (translator) and 100 New Discoveries of the Third Nationwide Surveys of Cultural Heritage (translator) and several textbooks on language teaching. She also published over 20 papers in core journals and collections.