Minseung Kim

A photo of Minseung Kim

Minseung Kim is a Ph.D. student in Modern Korean Literature. She received her B.A. (2014) in Korean Linguistics and Literature from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, M.A. (2016) in East Asian Studies from Sungkyunkwan University, and M.A. (2019) in East Asian Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Her recent research focuses on the Sino-Korean relationship in colonial Korea. By analyzing Yi Tongkok’s translation of the Chinese authors Liang Shuming, Hu Shi, and Chen Duxiu, she, in her first Master’s thesis, asserted that colonial Korean intellectuals in the early 1920s reconsidered Japanese intellectual hegemony by referring to cultural and political reform in China. Continuing on that interest in her second Master’s thesis, she centered on the stories by Chu Yosŏp, Sim Hun, and Kim Kwangju and examined how Korean exiles in China shaped their masculine identities by working as national leaders while avoiding Japanese imperialism. Joining in the ALC program at UCLA, she continues looking at literary history, translation, colonial modernity, and colonial masculinity in the Japanese colonial period in Korea.