Sarfaraz A. Farooque

E-mail: Phone: 424-259-5742 Office: Rolfe 3326

Sarfaraz A Farooque is a Lecturer in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA. He teaches language courses at elementary and intermediate levels.


Sarfaraz received hi Ph.D in English from the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow, India. He received his B.A and M.A in English Literature from the Department of English, Jamia MIllia Islamia University, New Delhi, India. He was a Fulbright Exchange student at New York University.


Sarfaraz’s research interests includes studying the relation between History and Literature, the representation of women in Indian literature in English. He is also interested in studying Hindi and Urdu literature to explore the relationship between literature and the historicity of the events and characters sketched by the author(s).


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