Visitor Instructions

ALC welcomes visitors with a serious interest in the study of Asian languages, religion and culture. We encourage you to apply well in advance of your intended visit as procedures for reviewing and approving your application can take up to four months. To apply, please contact the regular faculty member whom you intend to work most closely with. Should you be admitted, your contact will serve as your UCLA sponsor.

For individuals interested in holding a visiting affiliation with Asian Languages and Cultures please prepare the following items:

  1. All visitors must be sponsored by a regular faculty member of the department.
  2. Along with your cover letter, also submit a curriculum vitae and research-proposal abstract.
  3. We wish to publicize your visit on the website.
  4. Visitors are expected to be active participants in the intellectual life of the department.
  5. A processing fee will be assessed upon acceptance. The fee is in addition to any other fees assessed by other institutions, government entities and UCLA administration.

Please send all other inquiries to