UCLA Hosts First US Screening of Director Wakagi’s New Film Asleep

Published: May 19, 2015

On May 14, the first U.S. screening of Shingo Wakagi’s new film, “Asleep” – which tells the story of a woman who has a romantic relationship with a man whose wife is in a coma – took place in UCLA’s Fowler Museum. “Asleep”is based on a novella by Banana Yoshimoto, and was translated into English…

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Professor Schopen Elected as Member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Published: April 22, 2015

Professor Gregory Schopen has been elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Professor Schopen joins the company of notable members, including founders John Adams, James Bowdoin, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Schopen is an authority on Indian Buddhist monastic life and the early history of the Mahāyāna tradition…

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UCLA professors discuss linguistic diversity, event on Chinese language

Published: April 9, 2015

In a globalized modern society, the demand for foreign language learning and understanding cultural diversity is increasing. From April 3-5, UCLA’s Asian Languages and Cultures Department hosts the 27th Annual North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics. The purpose of the NACCL event is to bring together Chinese language scholars from all over the world to…

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Translated Work by Michael Emmerich Mentioned in The New York Times

Published: April 7, 2015

The New York Times’ Sunday Book Review has chosen author Yasushi Inoue’s “The Hunting Gun” and “Life of a Counterfeiter.”  Inoue is one of the most celebrated authors in Japan.  Professor Michael Emmerich of Asian Languages and Cultures have translated two of his work.  The first, “The Hunting Gun,” was published last Fall and the…

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UCLA Korean Courses Featured as Lead Story in LA Times’ California Section

Published: April 1, 2015

According to a recent national study, enrollment in Korean language courses at U.S. colleges and universities showed the largest percentage growth of any foreign language. The Modern Language Assn. reported that Korean language enrollment rose 45% from 2009 to 2013. Overall, language studies declined by 6.7% during that same period, and interest dropped in many…

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Professor Michael Emmerich Featured in UCLA Newsroom

Published: March 10, 2015

Professor Michael Emmerich is the lead feature on UCLA Newsroom. His recent work on the translation of Japanese novelist Inoue has garnered the attention of those in the field of Japanese Literature. Please visit the UCLA Newsroom to read the complete article.

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UCLA East Asian Studies Macroscope Project

Published: March 10, 2015

Professor Jack Chen of Asian Languages and Cultures and Professor Tim Tangherlini of Asian Languages and Cultures and the Scandinavian Section traveled to Taiwan to present their collaboration on the East Asian Studies Macroscope Project. The project focuses on challenges many academia faces in accessing text analysis for East Asian Languages. Their team includes UCLA…

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Colloquium – Mt. Togakushi and the Case of the Nine-Headed Dragon

Published: February 20, 2015

The worship of mountains has long been central to religious thought and practice in Japan, yet little attention has been paid as to how certain mountains on the archipelago came to be perceived as numinous sites. What inspired this designation and what cultural elements guided their formation into centers of social, economic, and spiritual power?…

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Waseda University’s Japanese Culture Studies

Published: February 9, 2015

The purpose of this collaborative Japanese Studies program is to examine Japanese culture from a global perspective. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to spread research conducted at Waseda University to the rest of the world and adopt research methods from overseas partners. See the full article

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Professor Robert Buswell’s dictionary wins top reference prize

Published: February 4, 2015

“The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism” co-authored by Robert E. Buswell, Jr., of UCLA and Donald S. Lopez, Jr., of the University of Michigan, has won the prestigious 2015 Dartmouth Medal for outstanding reference work of the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA is the oldest and largest library association in the world.The bronze medal, a…

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